STEAM Education for a Sustainable Planet

Grow Planet is a game-based blended learning environment for STEAM and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT for grades 1-6. In Grow Planet students get immersed in a motivating context centered around sustainable development, supervised by teachers through an LMS filled with lesson plans and real-life activities.

Engaging learning

Grow Planet is an engaging and motivating learning environment. It helps students to better understand science and technology.


Grow Planet comes with a powerful LMS tool. Teachers keeps a clear overview of the students learning journeys.

Plug and play

It's really easy to get started with Grow Planet. No servers needed, just a login. Grow Planet works on iOS, Android and in web browsers.

The students get a clear overall picture of how the world works when they use their knowledge and skills in Grow Planet.

Tomas Jaakkola, 3rd grade class teacher, Karamalmens skola, Espoo, Finland

These forms of problem solving in a reality-based context are unique, and the students are motivated by trying their wings in the gaming world.

Urban Kjellén, 3rd grade extra-curricular teacher, Björngårdsskolan, Stockholm

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Up to 35 players
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Up to 200 players
Introductory price: 149 €/year

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