New features for easier management of classes!

School administration
Selected members can now be made administrators for their schools. School administrators can add and remove classes, teachers, and other administrators. You will automatically become an administrator for schools that you create yourself. Please, contact us if you are not an administrator of your school, but think you should be.

There is now a notification function in our LMS. The bell icon in the top right corner of the page turns red when there is something you should act on. For example, licenses expiring, teachers applying to join one of your classes, and classes being added to a school where you are an administrator. Click on the bell to see your notifications and take the necessary actions.These new features make managing your classes and schools more efficient. We hope they will add value. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.


New feature for easier assessment of performance!

We have added a new feature to our Learning Management System (LMS) that allows teachers to view exam questions and answers. This update will make it easier for educators to review and analyze the results of their students’ assessments.

To access this feature, navigate to the sidebar and click on the ”About” tab of the exam you wish to review. Once there, you can view all the questions with their correct answers. This new functionality will provide teachers with a valuable resource to identify areas where learners may need extra help and support.

We encourage our users to try out this new functionality and provide us with any feedback you may have so we can get better.


Big update - A brand new physics training room!

The new training room allows learners to solve physics puzzles and create challenges to share with classmates. The training room contains a wide range of challenging yet fun puzzles. They boost learners’ problem-solving skills and give them a deeper understanding of the subject. 

The new practice area is a step forward in the ongoing effort to make learning more engaging and interactive for students. Stay tuned for more updates!